The Artist

Donald L. Watts II, also known as Sno0py Watts, was raised in West Palm Beach Florida. At the early age of 4 years old, his love for music became undeniable. As time went on he began to participate in his school’s marching band programs (Roosevelt Middle School and Palm Beach Lakes High School as the drumline section leader) while playing for local bands, ministries and recording artists. After graduating from Bethune Cookman University, where he participated as a member of the "Marching Wildcats” band (under the direction of Donovan Wells, James Portier, and Pedro Orey), He began to travel the world as one of the most sought after drummers for  musical theatre. His works has earned him international platforms to share his music with the world. Sno0py Watts acknowledges God for his gift in music and believes that with Him all things are possible.

Watts' ability to play fluently in multiple genres has generated an unstoppable buzz. To date, he has toured with live bands for musical theatre, spot dates, and more. Aside from this he has also played with international recording artist like American Idol's Syesha Mercado, Trent Cory, and more. His work has earned him radio appearances, televised interviews with stations like ABC and the Suncoast News Network. Sno0py Watts is also recognized for his global brand D2AG (Dedicated To Achieving Greatness). This brand was designed to push individuals to constantly strive towards reaching their fullest potential in whatever they love to do. He believes that D2AG will carve the mindsets of passionate artisans. It is safe to say that D2AG will have a positive impact on communities worldwide.