The Journey

The journey of Sno0py Watts began during his early childhood years. At the age of 3, his passion for music became undeniable. It was at this age that he received his first practice drum pad. By age 8, he began to play the drums at his family's church "The Church Of The Living God The Pillar And Ground Of The Truth". Shortly after at age 12, he received a ground breaking opportunity to accompany the band of Engrafted Word Worship Center; it was here where his name began to grow. As time went on, Watts also participated in the Marching Band programs. He began this journey as a 7th grader and ended it after completing his final season as a Marching Wildcat. While enrolled as a full time student attending Bethune Cookman University, Watts' influence became undeniable. In addition, Sno0py Watts was also the Drummer for the BCU Jazz Combo, 2 local ministries, he was also the drummer for the university's theater department, and he also recorded live drums for local artist while accompanying local live bands. 


     At this point of his  career is when Watts' recognition began to sky rocket. Shortly after graduating from his university, he became a hot commodity in musical theater. Watts has toured nationally accompanying live bands in multiple musical productions. After touring in this realm for four years, Watts' work ethic lead him to becoming internationally known as the Drummer of the BB King All Star Band. As the Drummer of this band Watts has toured in over twenty countries including places like Canada, Papau New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Mexico, Jamaica, The Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, France, Amsterdam, Norway, Estonia, Belgium, Russia and more. While touring around the world, Watts continues to spread the message of his global entity known as D2AG. D2AG means Dedicated To Achieving Greatness; a movement that aims to nurture the minds of young entreprenuers. To date, Watts has become a feature artist for InEarz audio and D2AG Drumsticks. He is also signed with Soultone cymbals as well. It is safe to say that the world has embraced D2AG and Sno0py Watts. He is currently preparing to embark on his third World Tour in Asia with the BB King All Star Band. While doing this, he's also working closely with producers on his upcoming album "Twenty20 Vision" with his record label; D2AG Records.